Remediation projects
Your financial institution has recently acquired a new set of clients and their files need to be audited for Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing? Have you spotted weaknesses in your implementation process of FATCA/AEI? Were  violations detected as per FINMA Circular on “Market Conduct Regulation” and the Authority has ordered an audit or an analysis of some or all parts of your organization or specific investment transactions?

These, and other events, make it necessary for an analysis of each single area of your organisation to be performed as well as the determination of adequate measures needed remediate the possible gaps. Our analysis (that can also be preventive) will enable you to obtain an objective point of view of the potential problems and/or existing violations; we will thus be able to implement together remediating actions focused on recreating a situation that is totally compliant with existing regulations.

GWFi SA specializes in:

  • Remediation of defects in specific processes or client documentation;
  • Remediation of FATCA/AEI programmes;
  • Violation of market standard, market conduct and insider trading.

Why Geissbühler Weber Fidinam SA?

GWFi SA employs a pool of compliance specialists who are flexible and multi-lingual, and that have matured several years of experience in the ambits of auditing, consulting, as well as executive and specialized roles in the Ticino financial sector.

GWFi SA has ample experience in assisting financial operators in the analysis of the observance of the legal requirements, regulatory provisions and internal rules, as well as market standards and rules of conduct. Because of an activity primarily focused on Swiss financial service providers, GWFi SA enjoys a unrivaled position of experience in the compliance consulting sector.

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Claudia Nessi
Senior Consultant

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