Specific services for external asset managers (EAM)

“Fit for the future”: a common goal

In recent years, we have seen financial service providers come under increased regulatory pressure in Switzerland. This trend is set to continue in the years ahead. In particular, the new supervisory authority (Financial Institutions Act – FinLA) will place additional requirements on companies’ organisational structures and internal processes, and will demand the focus of financial market participants.

Despite all these challenges, the upcoming regulations also represent an opportunity for external asset managers (EAM) to align their business models and strategies with the new conditions and to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

An overview of our services

MiFID II assessment for EAM

How can EAM prepare in good time for the upcoming changes so that they can continue to provide an effective service for their clients going forward?

We will help to ensure that you are well-prepared for the future, ensuring that you can undertake the challenges that lie ahead with the utmost confidence. Our MiFID II assessment helps you to identify and then implement any changes required under the new legislation. We will also help you to make decisions regarding your future strategic outlook.

Further information on the MiFID II Assessment for external asset managers (EAM)

Licensing support for EAM

Asset managers of collective investment schemes and pension funds already require a licence to operate. Following the entry into force of FinLA, these asset managers will be subject to direct supervision by FINMA as “qualified asset managers”. All other EAM will need to apply for licences from a newly formed supervisory authority.

We will advise you on all your licensing requirements and will assume responsibility for the whole licensing process, including coordination with the relevant authorities.

Compliance function for EAM

Your expertise lies in client management, investment advice and portfolio management. We specialise in compliance services and are able to complement and integrate your organization in this area. As part of this mandate, we help you to set up an effective internal control system, as well as an efficient management system to meet reporting obligations, draft internal directives and processes, conduct training sessions and implement appropriate monitoring and controls.

Evaluation of suitable EAM platform

For a fee, an EAM platform will provide external asset managers with services and infrastructure, such as office facilities, assistants, IT solutions, a compliance function, accounting and reporting. Affiliation with a platform can be an appropriate strategy for smaller asset managers or those that intend to cease their activity in the near future, or again those that have corporate succession issues.

We will work with you to find the platform solution that best suits your needs and will help you with the onboarding process.

Start-up advice for EAM

Are you planning on becoming an independent EAM? Or perhaps you have already embarked on this process. Congratulations!

We will help you handle all regulatory issues that relate to the foundation of your asset management company (affiliation with a self-regulating organisation, drafting client contracts, collaboration with custodian banks, etc.) and we will provide you with training on regulatory issues, ensuring that you and your company can get off to a flying start.


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